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NWCFL First Division North

At half-time the only question was how many would Lower Breck get, 45 minutes later and I was left wondering if with a little better finishing what score this one could have been.

After a tentative opening 10 minutes with the visitors slightly better, Lower Breck went goal crazy. Four goals in the next 10 and the match was done. Scoring at will Daisy Hill looked like they had forgotten how to defend. Further chances followed and the fact only one further was added was down to a bit of good fortune for the hosts. I could mention the scorers, but that would do a dis-service to the rest of the visiting team, so take a bow all 11.

Whether by luck or good coaching but Daisy Hill found a weak spot in the Lower Breck defence in the second half and a ball over the left-back got them in time and time again. They wasted a hatful of chances. As the visitors took off their star attackers one by one and gave a very rare appearance to veteran Tony Sullivan they too could and should have had more.

As I headed off on this cold night to get my bus home, I was left wondering, should this have finished something like 5-10? On another day it could well have done.

Attendance: 96

Moment of the Match: Tony Sullivan. Has to be. When I started watching non-league he was a manager. A cameo in a very tight shirt was short but brought a smile to this hoppers face.

Match Tunes: This is Hardcore – Pulp

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