Northern Premier League Cup 2nd Round

Terminator 2. Godfather 2.

Two films that I can think of where the sequel is better than the first one.

As meetings between two teams go this will go down as a much better sequel than the previous meeting. The game on New Years Day was not the best, I am sure all 243 of us who were that day would agree.

This was a belter. For the hosts made just 3 changes from the previous meeting, whilst for Rammy just 5 survived. Maybe, just maybe, they have one eye on promotion. Though the biggest change was on the Trafford left wing. Palma. Boy did he turn up. Virtually everything the hosts did either started with him or he was involved somewhere along the line. He turned United’s right-back Moran inside out. Several times.

The hosts took the lead on 10 minutes through Kenny, started on the left, involving Palma, the striker was left with a golden chance that he took. 1-0. The winger visibly grew in confidence. Minutes later he was in full flow running at Rammy’s defence, they stopped him by bringing him down. It was in the area. Penalty. Palma slammed it home. 2-0.

A third was added just before the interval. Moments after the visitors defender Thompson lambasted an official for “killing” them, he trapped the ball beautifully in the area, fell to the side to allow Trafford’s Egerton an easy finish. Killing yourself sir. 3-0.

Trafford continued where they left off after the break. In an almost biblical parting of the sea, Palma ran right through United’s defence and finished with the lesser spotted right foot. Too easy. 4-0. Game over right?

Oh not on your life. Trafford’s skipper Egerton decided it was all too comfortable. A couple of minutes after his side went four ahead he glanced a perfect header past his keeper Cooper. 4-1. Another couple of minutes later he gave away a penalty. Oh Mr Egerton! Evangelinos got his third on this ground this year as he scored. 4-2. Very much game on.

And for 20 minutes the game went from end to end, the hosts looking increasingly nervy. The visitors increasingly desperate.

With five minutes to go the game was settled. A corner saw a bullet header from defender Baird leave United’s keeper Wade with no chance. 5-2. We had some handbags following the goal which helped to round off a fun evening.

Loved it!

Attendance: 129

Moment of the Match: Sorry Mr Moran. But it has to be Palma turning you more times than a steak on a bbq. You must have been dizzy when you got home.

Match Tunes: Plastic Surgery Disasters – Dead Kennedys. Keeping with the same band from the game on 1 January 2020.

Forward to Death


Northern Premier League North West Division

I have, over the years, seen some classic games on New Years Day. I am sorry to say but this will not join that list. In fact, at the moment, it is, safe to say, it is very much at the bottom.

Apart from a scrambled effort by Evangelinos after 10 minutes, 0-1, the first half can, by and large, be totally forgotten about. It can be best summed up by a passage of play around halfway through the opening period. The lethargy on show had spread to the subs who were warming up by standing still, in front of them, a ball was played back about 10 yards to the visiting keeper. Stewart wildly swung his right boot at it. He sliced it badly for a corner. The White’s midfield Palmer took the set piece. The corner was not good, the first defender had to duck down to head it away, the header was not good it went to a Trafford midfielder on the corner of the box. He played it out to Palmer. His pass was not good. It missed his team-mate by about 10 yards and went out for a throw.

Would the second half be better? Not really until we had a moment so bad that it warranted a substitute. The hosts broke, at speed and with accuracy, until following a beautiful pass, Palma was in on goal. He missed. He was 10 yards out with Stewart scrambling to get across. He missed badly. He made way for Grimshaw. The game livened up instantly. Trafford finally had a forward who would run at the opposition, United didn’t like it. Most defenders don’t. The substitute tried his best to drag the rest of his fellow forwards into the game. It had improved.

With both sides shook out of the opening 45 minutes of slumber, at least there was a bit of intent and after both sides had clipped the bar it was Rammy who struck next. With 15 minutes to go Evangelinos showed a bit of class and smashed the ball home from inside the box past Cooper, 0-2. That was a tad harsh on Trafford.

A little justice into the score was restored during added on time, another home substitute, Hazeldine showed a tad of class that was out of place in this game, turming and firing a wonderful effort past Stewart. 1-2.

Trafford’s star players had started the game sat on the bench, but then again so had one of their coaches, but he was shown a red. Bit silly really as there forward Walters had messed up the through ball he had been flagged offside for. Saved his blushes rivalling Palma’s.

Attendance: 243

Moment of the Match: Sam Grimshaw being brought on. He gave the game some purpose when to be honest, it appeared to be lacking any.

Match Tunes: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables – Dead Kennedys