The Number of the Beast


Manchester Football League Premier Division

With my father’s season ticket for City in my pocket for the next few weeks and an evening kick-off I had a spare afternoon. I had to find my 666th game. Plan A; Droylsden v Workington. Bad plan, due to them playing each other in the Trophy a few weeks before, one of them was going to be engaged today. I had required Droylsden to win and then get drawn at home. Workington won. Damn. Daft plan. Plan B?

I grew up in Dukinfield, left in my teenage years and rarely been back. However, I have long since promised myself a visit to watch ‘Duki Town’ and so with here was my opportunity.

I thought I would make the most of the buses and after a 50 minutes journey to Stockport I boarded another for a 35 minute journey to Dukinfield before a final 15 minutes stroll to Woodhams Park.

For 45 minutes I wondered if I had made the correct decision. The game struggled to get going, as both sides were cancelling each other out. Town managed to hit the bar, but other than that neither keeper was really tested. As the referee signalled the end of the first half both sides (and officials) took the break on the pitch due to the distance they would need to go to the changing rooms.

Maybe the need to warm up on this bitterly cold afternoon had both sides ready to go at it from the off, but go for it they did and within minutes the game had vastly improved for the spectators. Ten minutes into the half and the referee made 2 penalty calls within 2 minutes of each other. He got one wrong, a Georgians player was pushed over in the box, the referee’s view was blocked by the defender but a penalty it was, I was 10 yards away. Down the other end he got it correct and awarded Dukinfield a spot-kick which was scored, 1-0. From that moment on Town took control of the game.

A second followed late on with an effort from just outside the box leaving Georgians’ keeper with no chance as it flew into the top corner, a slight deflection not making much difference to the outcome, 2-0. A third followed up the death as the visitors keeper was unable to hold onto a low effort and the follow-up was thumped home from close range 3-0.

That said Georgians had their moments, an effort kicked off the line with the score at 1-0 and a penalty after the third, not the best struck effort you will see and it was saved quite easily.

Attendance: 37 (Head Count)

Moment of the Match: Dukinfield Town taking the ball into the corner to waste time when 3-0 up. Why?

Match Tunes: The Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden


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